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Led by Stephen F. Anderson, the Anderson-davis training team includes an employment law attorney, administrative law judge, executive coach, EEO and human resource professional and senior trainers, expert/consulting witnesses, published authors and university educators.

The diversity and expertise of our team, coupled with excellent facilitation skills and an interactive respectful training style, are what make us the most uniquely experienced and effective harassment prevention and investigation training company in North America.

Stephen F. Anderson

Stephen Anderson is an innovator in the design of cutting-edge sexual harassment training, developing the concepts of ‘intent vs. impact’, ‘subtle sexual harassment’, ‘respect vs. harassment’, and ‘myths vs. facts’. Stephen provides engaging, customized and interactive sexual/unlawful harassment training and workplace policies and practices’ assessment which includes ‘resolution-skills demonstrations,’ and ‘live theater dramatizations.’ He conducts objective investigations, healing the workplace to prevent retaliation, and harassment prevention training programs. Stephen’s sexual harassment training methods and expertise have been featured on: 20/20, Good Morning America, Headlines on Trial, ‘News Station’ TV Asahi, Japan and Oprah.

Since 1984, Stephen has been retained by plaintiff and defense counsel over 20 times as an expert/consulting witness in sexual harassment and sex discrimination cases. Stephen authored the 300-page book, How to Effectively Manage Sexual Harassment Investigations, published by the Bureau of National Affairs.

Dr. Claire Damken Brown

Dr. Claire Damken Brown, founder and president of Damken Brown and Associates, Inc., is a savvy speaker, industry consultant, and seminar leader specializing in diversity and equal employment opportunity strategies, gender communication, sexual harassment prevention, and cultural competency.

Dr. Brown has 25 years of experience in Fortune 50 companies, AT&T Bell Labs and then Lucent Technologies, directing diversity-related organizations, investigating discrimination cases globally, and training professionals. Her University of Denver doctorate degree focused on male/female workplace communication.

She enjoys consulting nationally with corporations, agencies, and communities to build inclusive leadership skills and harassment-free work environments. As an affiliate professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver, she engages students in hot topics when teaching the Management Department’s Workforce Diversity, Human Resource Management, and Labor/Employee Relations courses. Dr. Brown volunteered for the past six years as the Diversity Director for the Colorado Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) state council and is an active SHRM member. She is the coauthor of three books: Conflict and Diversity, Hampton Press; Code Switching: How to Talk So Men Will Listen, Alpha Books/Penguin; and, The Gender Communication Handbook: Conquering Conversational Collisions between Men and Women, Pfeiffer/Wiley. She’s a featured author in Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business, and Life, Adams Media. You may learn more about Dr. Brown, at her website,

Bruce Koranski

Mr. Koranski's forte is providing dynamic training / executive coaching for businesses needing harassment prevention / diversity. In the last twenty-four years of doing harassment prevention / diversity training with Anderson –davis Inc, Bruce has trained over twenty thousand managers / employees in the United States!

Bruce’s interactive sessions make extensive use of instructor live theater, dyads, video clips, triads, skill demonstrations, simulations, company policy and small group discussions. The emphasis is not only on raising awareness but also on building skills to intervene in harassment situations. Adult learning takes place through hands-on sessions in which there truly is "never a dull moment."

Fortune Five Hundred organizations trained around harassment prevention / diversity issues include Chevron, Coors, Martin Marietta, Storage Technology, Lockheed Martin and Johns Manville.

Other organizations trained include: Rocky Mountain News, U.S. Forest Service, J.D. Edwards, BNP Paribas, St. Gobain, Up With People and the National Western Stock Show

Background: Mr. Koranski was formerly Director of Planning and Development at the Center for Teaching International Relations, University of Denver, for thirteen years.

In his spare time Bruce is a life long rugby player / coach / administrator and is a proud member of the Eastern Rockies Rugby Football Union Hall of Fame.

B. A. Economics, University of Minnesota
M.A. Curriculum and Instruction / International Studies, University of Denver

Denise Materre

Working at all business levels, Denise has been developing leaders and teams as an organizational expert for more than twenty-five years. As Principal and Founder of Denise Materre Consulting she has designed and conducted workshops, facilitated training sessions, and provided one-on-one Executive coaching to hundreds of business leaders across the United States and Canada.


Denise has utilized her organizational skills and expertise to consult with organizations in the areas of Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Interpersonal Skill Development, Conflict Resolution and Inclusiveness Initiatives. Her results have impacted business, academic, healthcare, legal, media and non-profit settings, to increase productivity and bring about the full inclusion and utilization of all members of the workforce.